Monday, April 06, 2020

New life on the farm

Carol Anne had her baby yesterday ... everyone meet baby Rona .  Mother and calf doing well .. They think its a boy.  We will leave that lesson for another day. 

We have been in contact with an organization we have worked with in the past in Bishkek.  Everything is sectioned off so it is hard to get aid into certain areas.  But today they had contact with Roma.  Many of you will remember him from time at the farm 

I was chatting with Beksoltan at the farm .  he was happy to be able to give food to a family that he took on helping a couple years ago.  
He was feeling bad because he could not do more .. He said that there are so many families that don't even have bread, and that he has some friends that are starting to help people in the city , but knows that he can not go there .  I explained to him the we all have a part in this , and his part is to stay on the farm and help his mom and Nick keep everyone safe.  I then told him that by doing his part, we could focus on  the needs of others.  I started sending  him pictures of some the hundreds of families that we have been sending food to.  He even looked through the pictures and saw people that he knew .  I think it really helped him to know that what he is doing is valuable and makes it possible for others to be helped.  

Kind of like the position we are in here .. I stay in because with me out of the way the front line workers can do what needs to be done.  

It was nice to see some of the boys as well .. Dustan is now set up with on line classes that he can access right from his phone.  A special hello to his 2 main sponsors , one that supports his daily living and the other who pays his tuition.    

We will likely have to change up our planting on the farm this year to seeds that we already have and to plants that we have started in the green house .  Things like peppers that we planed on buying already started in the bazaar may not be an option .   Like everything else these crops may need to be scaled back a little , but we will pray for the seeds and watch God move.  

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