Thursday, April 16, 2020

Keeping our selves busy.

20 years ago I collected up some big patio door windows with the thought of one day putting a green house on the back of our house .  15 years ago we fixed up and painted our house , but I did not do much to the back of the house because one day real soon  I was going to put a green house on .  10 years ago I came across a bunch of big heavy timbers that I thought would be great for the raised planter box in the green house on the back of the house if that ever happened. Five years ago I came across some torn and broken Styrofoam  hot tub covers that were about 6 inches thick so I stashed them away thinking that they would be great insulation for the green house one day.  Three years ago I got a pile of rough cut lumber that I thought that one day I could use as the siding on the green house on the back of the house ,, One year ago I had some 2 x 6's and nails left over from when we had to rebuild the front deck that had all collapsed on us.    

So with a bit of time on our hands and missing our green houses over in Kyrgyzstan, we decided that now was the time for a good stay at home project.   We took off the front of the old veranda and have started working on the green house.  

The room will basically be a great big raised flower bed with the glass for the roof.  and a spot at the end that is 8' x 10' where we can have a small table and chairs from late spring until early fall, and through the winter months move the hot tub in .  I envisioned  having  both the planter planted as well as  hanging baskets and big pots on the floor. 

I was doing a bit of research to see what issues I might have with a hot tub in a green house before I face them myself and what do you know, I found one with almost the same layout as we will have .. except our windows will be on the angle .  

The siding will go on tomorrow and I will start moving dirt in , then on the weekend the windows will go on and by next week we will be starting to plant .   I will keep every one up to date with the progress.  Spring has been so incredibly busy for us over the years that it has been great for me to stay sane or at least as sane as can be at through all this.  

Over in Kyrgyzstan, we will start planting the gardens next week.  Once the planting is done we will plan on doing another great big food drop .  Our goal for this next one will be about $2500 , enough for about 250 families. So just a heads up that we will start doing some fund raising for that in a week or two. 

Today we got word from the mens home that they need help to purchase cleaning /disinfecting supplies.  Tanya is going to be looking into that to see how  big a need that will be and if we can just cover it or if we will have to raise some funds . I will know better tomorrow.
Apart from that, my other big news and adventure was that this morning I brought the recycling box to the curb. But not wanting to hog all the fun and excitement, Julie got to bring in the empty box. 

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