Thursday, April 02, 2020

Two Very happy families

Last week we were able to get the food hampers delivered just before the cities went into full lock down ,  In the capital the lock down is even into sections of town, so only small parts of the town are accessible to go into .. each person in his or her own area .   There is also a strict curfew, and fines if you are not wearing a mask .  

All this has made it difficult  to keep track of the different kids that we support living on their own.  For two weeks now we had been trying to check in with and get help to one of our girls living with her brother , and another living somewhere on the edge of the city with her two little kids ,  

We have managed to locate both of them, gotten copies of their documents and been able to get western union wire transfers to them into their sectioned off areas . 

It was such a relief to hear that they were able to get the money, and purchase food to hold them over .. now we can relax and know that those two households are in and safe and have food .. Thank you to those that have continued to support so that we can continue to help in some what creative ways .. 

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