Friday, April 17, 2020

Up next , Red River orphanage

Vlad was just talking with the director of the red river orphanage .  it is the orphanage that most of our kids are from.  Its time for us to send a food drop to them, not just food but sanitizer, soap and you got it .. toilet paper.  

potots from preparing for food drop a couple weeks ago with Olga 

Same day Vlad was packing hampers as well .
In a couple weeks it will have been one month and we will need to do this food drop again, but for now we need to move quickly to get supplies to the orphanage .   We will aim for Monday or Tuesday depending on a couple things .. we have a commitment of $100 right now, but will try to raise another $900 to make this drop viable .  Vlad will also arrange for our transport  driver and the necessary documents to get through the road blocks.   If you would like to help , please put " Red River " in the memo line or drop me a note and we will make sure this makes it through.   Also please share this need with any of your contacts that you think might be interested in helping food relief for 120 of the least of these .

This need has been covered . so awesome . Thank you everyone.

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