Thursday, April 23, 2020

The next round of food drops .

Just $71 to go before Sunday night when  I will be doing another transfer of what ever funds are in to help with the food crisis in Kyrgyzstan . We have helped over 2000 people since the shutdown started, and now it has been 5 weeks since the first 500 people received help, and they are hungry .  

We are preparing another food drop for 250 families .  That drop alone will be $10 US a family or $2500 US , that comes to just over $3600 Canadian . 

right now Vlad is collecting masks , gloves , sanitizer  and documents giving authorization  to be out on deliveries , as well as organizing and training volunteers to help. .. My job is to get the money to him 😊 

There is another really great way we can help .  For about $40 a day (Canadian )  we can have 350 loaves of bread baked and delivered around the city .  It is placed on the shelves in the little corner stores .  The bread is free to who ever needs it and anyone who can afford and would like to help can also make bread or buy bread and put it on the shelf for those in need as well .. As the program is increasing in popularity ,  these signs of help are popping up around town . 

There are a couple ways to help.  $40 to sponsor 1 days daily bread drop , or $15 to sponsor a families food hamper.  

Sunday night is the dead line for this next funds transfer .  If you are able to help, please use the donate link on the top right side of the blog, and indicate "Food hamper" or  "Daily bread" in the memo line . 

 Here is one more way that you could help on a personal level.  If you look over my shoulder in the video you will see a painting of a horse that Emma painted . it is 3'x4' on stretched canvas.  Emma would like to sell it.  The asking price is $1000.  (unfortunately since these funds will go directly to Emma, it is not eligible for a tax receipt. )  If you are interested please let us know .  If you are close enough we will deliver in person when things open up, If it needs to be sent by courier , it will be taken off the frame and shipped in a tube. 

Thank you everyone for all you are doing to help in this difficult time. 

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