Wednesday, April 08, 2020

A couple days, and then the harvest .

Last summer we had a visitor from Japan at the guest house . I got talking with h er and learned that her father was a spinach farmer.  She told us how he planted his crops just before winter so that they would get an early start , and not need to irrigate .  and would get a head start on the weeds .  Not only that , the spinach was a darker and much sweeter spinach.  

We decided to give it a try .  We had a section of garden that is more difficult to water , so this would be perfect.  

Well here we are, still three weeks before people are starting to plant their fields and we are almost ready for harvest .  In just a few days we will start picking.  The great part is that we can cut the tops off and leave the roots in place and they will regrow now that they are established.  This is a crop that will replenish it self all spring, as long as we cut it it will keep growing.  

With the shut down, ,many in the villages are very un prepared and are hungry.  Spinach is very nutritious and will be good for them .  
A couple years ago I envisioned a  produce cart in front of the farm where we could put out vegetables .  The boys are cleaning that up this week, and next week it will be out in front of the main house with a sign stating  " Dear neighbors, please help yourself to some fresh produce from this  cart."  

Every day they will harvest from the field and the green house and put the produce out on this cart. I am sure it will be a blessing.  

Speaking of a blessing, little baby Rona is doing great 

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