Saturday, May 02, 2020

Well deserved pizza party.

sporting friends in Tokmok that are making a difference. This has been on going for a few weeks now.  In several shops in different areas of town you will see this sign  .. Indicates that if you are hungry and in need you are welcome to take a free loaf of bread.   Our friends are making 350 loaves a day and bringing them to the shops .  A cool thing is happening now , people that can afford it are purchasing bread from the bread for sale section and putting it on the free bread shelf as well.  Given a chance people really do want to help. .

we are good now for a couple weeks then we will need to purchase more flour .  so we will revisit this in a couple weeks to see if any of you would like to help .  It is about $40 CDN a day to sustain this .

Yesterday the second food drop was brought out to the Orlofka orphanage for the kids there 

from the last food drop we sent food to a few different organizations as well.  They have started to send in reports about how relieved people were to get food .

Sergey brought some food to Jazgool as well . This is our Baktagols older sister.  She is looking after her own kids as well as some other family's  kids. 

15 other families that are part of are connected with other people we work with also received food . 

As our fiends are finishing up the deliveries, Vlad has made his way out to the farm to help Nick and Beksoltan with the planting of the gardens.

It was a special day .  when things were shut down, we had been planing a birthday celebration .  Then this week we received more funds for us to make piza for the farm and to deliver to some of our neighbors . 

What a great way to end a buys and productive week .. 

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