Friday, July 14, 2017

"you say Tomato - I say Tomatoe "

And just like that we have tomatoes .. Now along with the cucumbers, we will be in the tomato business.  I wish I could say it was easy but not everything is easy, but we are up and running now, and look forward to being able to provide fresh tomatoes and cucumbers year round.  

Here is a little look through the last year.  

March  2016 breaking ground 

putting in the foundations  

mud and straw back walls built

welding the frames 

parging the walls

 Polly Carbonate installed 

digging down  the ground 

breaking up the soil and adding manure

Preparing the beds 

planting the seedlings 

starting to grow 

starting to climb on strings 

tall and mature , starting to pollinate flowers with a small paint brush 

and we have fruit

starting to ripen  

ready to pick 

We have two greenhouses. One is producing tomatoes and the other has cucumbers. 

we have started harvesting off of the fields as well .. cabbages, cucumbers, zucchini and lettuce.  Yesterday they were picked and delivered to the Chui orphanage  

I wanted to bring up the need for Tatyana's medical clinic again.  The repairs turned out to be way more extensive then planed and to get the clinic back open again we need about $1200 .  This is such an important need for so many people who rely on Tayana for their health care, including every one that we work with, both on the farm and in the community .

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