Sunday, July 30, 2017

shucking peas

I have heard it said that the problem with today's society is that "no one shucks peas with Grandma any more" .. Well on the farm there is no end to the pea shucking, the cucumber pickling, the tomatoes stewing, carrot pealing or corn husking for that matter .. and there is a certain community building when everyone sits around the tables and helps out. 

Bekah was out to the farm to bring out salaries for everyone and to get an idea of the work force that we will have next month .  We will be losing several of the kids at the end of the month when they head back to collage and university.  We still have a little ways to go with the tuition needs, but we will just "Keep calm and carry on" as if the money was in .. I think we are still about $2800 short, but we still have a couple weeks, and it is such an important need that I have no doubt that we will meet that target.  

The roses in the apple orchard were getting a little over grown  so we had to trim them right down so they could get in to add some irrigation ditches .   Some amount of "over grown" is welcome, like the flowers along the walk between the main house and the hostel.  

Since Emma and Jengish have been home we have hosted a couple bbq's at the house for friends and supporters  .  I think we had about 77 the first night for ploff and shashleek made in our outdoor Kyrgyz kazan and oven . 

The second party was for the Kawartha Bikers Church .  For them we made a trip to the farmers market for some sweet corn.  Jengish found is new favorite dog .. he just needs a saddle.  

Out at the bonfire Jengish shared about the work they do in Kyrgyzstan and had a time of question and answers .. 

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