Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More things that make me smile.

Tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, cabbages  .. What a blessing to be able to have this produce for them already, Most of these will not be available off most fields for another few weeks, so they are still far too expensive for the orphanages to have normally. this not only represents  the first fresh veggies of the season for them, but marks the start of a long growing season when this will be a regular stop on our deliveries . .

I love when the kids that grew up in this orphanage can take part in growing and bringing fresh food to them .. it is so good for them to be a part of this. 

Now is the Harvest :  Its all hands on deck now that we are beginning the harvest .  

Nick with the tomatoes .. the raspberry patch is behind him, another couple weeks and they will be in full swing as well .   Dustan is bringing in the green peppers 

Over in the green house they where picking the tomatoes .. well at least Dustan was , I think Romma was too busy eating them . 

Ulukbek unloading at the Red River Orphanage 

 Look at these beautiful yellow peppers along with the fresh tomatoes 

We had to get more canning supplies .. this was about $150 and will last about 3 or 4 days .  This is always a great way to support .. sponsors  purchase the jars and we fill them up and bring them to families and institutions  in need through out the winter. 

We had some animals purchased from the farm for us to give away .. The pigs are a little trickier. we can not bring them to the orphanages because of the hole pork thing, but we do have some very good supportive hard working neighbours in the village that could sure use the food .   

here is a cute picture of Sammy that makes me smile as well. 

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