Sunday, July 09, 2017

Back to school

Yesterday I shared about Marats desire to go to Art school along with several of the other kids wanting to go to different schools and Universities .   This week Marat will be registering for university by faith, as well he will be going to the dentist while in Bishkek.  Kolya will bring him in when he goes in for glasses, and Acel will help Marat.

 I thought today I would tell you about a couple more kids that would like some help.  . 

Sabira and Aizada are the Daughters of Aigoola the farm mom.   We first met them in the Orlofka orphanage back 12 years ago.  

They have , in fact we have all,  come a long way since then.  It is amazing how many lives these girls have touched. They are such incredible young ladies . Many of you who have met them over the years can attest to the joy that they exude .  

They are both attending Kein  university, a small university about 20 minutes from the farm .  This will be their second year .. Their first year I would tell them not to worry about their grades just have a good time ... as long as they are the top of their classes is fine ..hahaha .. Well they did enjoy their year and yes they are the top of their classes. 

They are looking forward to another great year. 

I got some good news .  Baha just got his drivers licence.  This is such a big thing. Most important is the doors that will open up for him in the future by having a licence and some experience driving.   There can be such corruption some times that it can be almost impossible to pass the process, so unless you are really really good you don't get a licence.   For the farm it is also good news.  Having a driver to bring guests up and down from the ranch , plowing fields with the tractor, and an extra  driver  around will be a great help.

 Kolya's Grandmother had a brain tumour that we were able to help with the documents and operation expenses just last week.  She is out of the hospital now and is convalescing out at the farm .. But that is not stopping her from pitching in and helping make supper last night.

this morning the kids were flooding the gardens. It can be quite a process. Below is the section of the garden where the greens (salads) are growing. 

this water is snow run off from the mountains.  Full of nitrogen and minerals.  You could not ask for better fertiliser.  I always love seeing that water flow .. 

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