Monday, July 17, 2017

Things that make me smile.

Its nice to see the cellar filling up again.  They have been very busy at the farm.  

They have been getting lessons on the soap making as well.  Up until now Emma has been doing this but now the others must learn the process, but most importantly they need to learn the importance of EXACT measurements. 

We are just $400 CDN / $300 US away from covering the extra renovation expenses for Dr Tatyana,s office  ,  We have sent the first part of the funds to keep them working, and will send the rest as soon as the donations come in. 

We are also excited that funds have started to come in for the scholarships .  Marat got his registry in on time.  He has also had to bring in a portfolio and write some entrance exams .  Next he will go back to Bishkek tomorrow to paint a painting on demand at the school.

One year ago , Marat was told he would be totally blind in three months, A year later because of sponsors like you, Marat has a hole new future ahead of him.   Stuff like this makes me smile .. 

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