Friday, July 21, 2017

even more smiles

We have some guests staying at the guest house this week.  They have been checking out the village and the farm.  They were also up to the yurt for a visit.  This morning they were helping the kids working in the garden.  I got a text from Nick that they needed to do another delivery.  
So today the delivery went to Bacute orphanage.  πŸ˜„

This is a huge delivery and a huge blessing to them . 

It was nice for the kids to have a visit as well .. 

a delivery like this will be enough for a few weeks of great nutrition, it will also be enough for the orphanage to start canning for the winter .  

today's delivery has a value of about $200 .. the cost for us to deliver is about $10 .  It may not seem like a lot but if we are looking at daily deliveries like this for the next couple months  we could be soon overwhelmed by the delivery expenses, but right now we are fortunate to have guests staying at the farm .. a couple nights stay will pay for our delivery expenses for the next couple weeksπŸ˜„ .  Next up is the seniors home. 

I have shared so many needs over the last few weeks , I am always hesitant to share, but am overwhelmed by the continuous  out pouring of support .. Just in the last few weeks we have been able to purchase the tickets for Emma and Jengish  πŸ˜„ as well as their medical insuranceπŸ˜„, and they will be leaving Kyrgyzstan in a few hours  πŸ˜„ ...  Marat was able to go to the dentist πŸ˜„ and has registered in Art school and has had a week of entrance exams πŸ˜„, Nick got his new glasses so he is ready for school in the fall πŸ˜„ Olga has had her operation thanks to many of you πŸ˜„three other orphanages have received food drops in the last couple weeks πŸ˜„, we are making great headway with the scholarships and the thermometer has begun to climb πŸ˜„we were able to get about two weeks worth of canning supplies πŸ˜„we have been able to get material for crafts in the gift shop and blankets to give out to families in need πŸ˜„ we have been able to give away goats and pigs to families who are so blessed by the boost πŸ˜„  We also have one sponsor that will help Auxana rebuild her home and barn πŸ˜„and another that is going to replace all her lost animals , and some πŸ˜„ A couple days ago we ordered and put the deposit on a second yurt that will make it possible for kids from the orphanage to have some outings at the mountain ranch. πŸ˜„ and Julie and I have our tickets to return in a couple weeks. πŸ˜„     Then there was the air conditioning we put in one hospital clinic  πŸ˜„ and about 80 % finished the needed renovations on Dr Tatyana's clinic πŸ˜„   One of our boys was able to complete his driving lessons and got his drivers licence πŸ˜„ we were able to receive a new boy on the farm.  πŸ˜„

As I look ahead at the projects in the next couple months, like  winter coal needs , more tuition's and on going health care and operating expenses on the farm, it is easy to get overwhelmed, but all I have to do is look back at all the great sponsors and actually start to get excited about what is going to be next   


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