Friday, July 07, 2017

Come join us on deliveries.

Have twice as many workers as you need, pay them twice what you should , cover ALL there medical and education needs, then give away everything you grow .. That may not seem to be the best business plan, but with God as our business partner, how can we go wrong ?.  
I thought it might be fun for you to come along with us for a day on the farm. 

Melan and Romma clowning around as they are picking cabbages for delivery to the Ivonofka children's treatment center 
outer leaves pealed off and stacked 
bagging up about a 100 of the 2000 cabbages 
Acel is washing up a bit of lettuce for them as well 

throw in a few bags of zucchini and they are on their way  

starting to unload the car 

three of these kids from the farm had spent time at this hospital as kids, so it was great for them to return today bringing needed food 
what a great looking pile of produce 

Jengish and Emma had to make a quick stop at Bacute orphanage  to pay for the education support for some of the kids we sponsor there , so they brought a load of cucumbers with them when they went. 

Back at the green house, the tomatoes are finally starting to turn red.  the plants are 6 feet tall and all literally hanging with tomatoes the just kept getting bigger and bigger .. and more and more ..this will be great , we will be in full production a full month before they field tomatoes start to ripen up.  

Rustan may be looking a little unsure of things in this picture , but they assure me he loves his new job up on Logans back tending to the flocks at the Kashar while the others are on delivery .. 

If you noticed the thermometer on the side of the blog you will see that we are all set for the transition, not only that, we have some to cover expenses and travel for Emma and Jengish while they are in Canada ..  As one of our friends said  "God’s provision is sure and on time!"  So if you would like to have them come and visit and share with your church or community please let us know and we will see what we can work out .

             I hope you all have a great day,           and celebrate with us the wonderful things God is doing. 

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