Thursday, July 13, 2017

So she can be a blessing to others.

Dr Tatyana needs your help 
We are so blessed to have some incredible people working with us like Dr Tatyana, bringing guidance and understanding for all we work wit you such a difficult health system to navigate. 

When people come to us with a medical need, we ALWAYS insist that before we do anything, Dr Tatyana has to look over their medical records .  You would not believe the number of times that the cure offered is worse then the condition.  Even for ourselves, Dr Tatyana plays an important roll in our health care.  Thats what leads us to this post. 

Last night Emma went to see Dr Tatyana for a check up, and had to go to a different office because Dr Tatyana's office was being renovated.  While with her, Emma over heard a phone call that came in.   When pressed, Dr Tatyana shared the problem.  The renovations on her clinic were desperately needed, and Tatyana had saved and prepared for the work .  

Well as can happen when you start tearing apart old buildings, you can come into more then you bargained for.  There is no choice but to do the extra work, but here is the problem.  the extra work will be $1200 US.  

At first Tatyana did not want Emma to tell me she had this need, but Emma convinced her that this is a burdon that she should not carry alone.  If anyone would like to assist with this it would be such a blesing to Tatyana, to so many in need in the Tokmok area, as well as a great blessing to us to be able to help her. 

Recieving medical supplies delivered by a team 

A team helping Dr Tatyana at a medical clinic at Olga's center. 

Dr Tatyana with a patient at Olga's center. 
 Please help us Bless Dr Tatyana so she is able to continue being a blessing to others. 

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