Monday, July 24, 2017

Orphans visiting the widows in their time of need.

Jengish and Emma landed safely last night. The flights were great and they cleared customs  with out a hitch, and all their bags made it with them.. can't ask for much more then that. 

 The blessings continue to flow from the farm.  Today Sergey and Arture lent us a hand.  The delivery was to the seniors home in Kemin, a little far for our guys so Sergey volunteered to help.

There is certainly another bumper crop.. It was just a few days ago that this field was picked clean of peppers for Bacute orphanage , and today it gives up another incredible bounty . 

this picking we have started to get corn and beets to add to the usual cucumbers, tomatoes, zuccini lettuce and cabbages . 

 I love witnessing the bounty again this year, it is so incredible  Knowing the impact this we have on all those we are able to support with all this fresh food is such a blessing.  

But most of all seeing the sense of accomplishment and joy in the orphans as they "visit" the widows in their time of need.   This is something that all our our sponsors have planted seeds in over the years, and today we again see some of the "fruits" of our labors .. 

Thank you all so much for being a part of this in so many ways. 

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