Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WANTED >>>> wisdom, patience and finances

We started today with a trip to the dentist among other stops..   Our first order of business was to go visit Armic at the hospital.  He was in good spirits.  His father was there with him today. This has been an such an upset for them , from a state of confusion, not knowing what to do about his leg, then getting in touch with Dr Tatyana and in turn us.   As I shared earlier, We gave him some money for tests so that we could be well informed when we did put out a request for help for him, ( a common practice for us to do some background work first )  What no one was expecting is that while he was in the hospital waiting for tests that day, his leg began to bleed and they were not able to get it stopped.  They ended up giving him blood transfusions, and then finally gave up and removed his leg.   the total costs to this point has been $460.  We have been able to front $300 of that from other funds until we find a sponsor or two.   Once he is able to pay off his bill from the operation, and get a little stronger ,   they will start Kemo .  they have identified a spot on his lung, which is the test they were going to do when he started to bleed .    They want to hold off for 3 or 4 months before getting the prosthetic for him.  This will give us some time to figure out how to help them with these bills before taking on another expense.    Our best estimate at this point will be at least $1000 in total for his medical care and leg .... unless things turn for the worst.  I will put up a thermometer on the side of the blog to help track this if any of you are interested in helping Armic.
Next stop was to the medical store to get the change tables for the Hospital.  We purchased 6 of them, they will be delivered to Tokmok tomorrow. We had a few more stops , then we went over to Acel and Talants for a birthday celebration for Talant and Devina. 
 By the time we got there, I was in a pretty foul mood.   All day the phone rang with needs .. so many needs, and it gets frustrating when they are all urgent , wanting financial support immediately.  No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get the point across, that we don't have funds, and until I share the need and find a sponsor, there is no money, and even then we have to get it transferred through the banks and recorded for tax purposes .. yet to those on the other end of the phone.. there need is urgent, and they need help NOW.. by the end of the day I get so discouraged that I want to just turn off the phone .     Some big and some small, but they all add up to massive .

    - 30 men from the mens home invited to a show all expense paid in Bishkek tomorrow ... but they have no       shoes or socks.
   -  The twins with CP are now starting to get a lot worse and they need $500 for treatment on Monday
    - Another baby is sick with something, could not figure out what yet , but the short is they need $500 for         treatement of its CP and an undetermined amount to run tests.
    - The family with the twins with CP need $2000 to pay off on the house they are in or they will have to
     - a young mother we have been helping called and wanted money for food for her baby. and some more          money  for
    - some one else wants a few hundred dollars worth of ducks for the treatment center
    - an orphanage called and the water piped are backed up and need help figuring out how to fix them ...            and pay for it
     - they have a new child there and they need a $30 a month sponsor for him to go to school ..
     - another family needs help, there son is in school in Moldova and needs $50
     - some how tuition has gone through the roof for a student at the university and they are wanting more                 money for part one semester then if he had gone for the full year .. even though we had already gone             in and paid .. fortunately Bekah has the receipt for that one so she will have to go in and fix that one.
     - The young girl we helped to get an arm for a couple years ago is wanting to go into a Travel and tourism         program in the US and called asking for help finding a place to stay and about $500 for documents and         visa's .

Then the landlord of a guest apartment we rented for the past two years called .. She had taken back the keys for the apartment a full month earlier then we had paid for, but some how thinks I should continue to pay the gas bill.. $10 , then before we could deal with that, she thinks that we should also pay her $75 tax bill .. We told he to wait until we get back to town tomorrow and we will meet with her and determine who owes who the money ...  

Maybe tomorrow we can sort some of this out .. please pray for wisdom patience and finances ...

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