Saturday, April 05, 2014

To the end of the Valley and back

a caring touch .. its a beautiful thing 

the director with some of the kids at Swetly Put receiving vitamins 

very happy 

we stoped to see Luba and Natya  and brought them Vitamins 

Next stop was Vitamins for the seniors home 
 Codys first sponsored outing was for a group of students from IUCA to go out to the seniors home and bring them food and sheets and cleaning supplies that they had raised the funds for.  Cody covered the Bus as well as before they headed home he surprised the kids with a lunch out .. a real blessing to a dozen students .
this Babushka was sucking in the awesome massage 

The nurse was showing us her blood pressure cuff that is broken 

Giving the director of the seniors home Vitamins 

all the new sheets 

this Babushka was getting her nails done 

One of the men was quick to point out the the men would like hand massages as well .. he was so touched that Bekah gave him the attention for a time 

this is the restaurant that we chose ..  I was always told when judging a restaurant, check out the bathroom so I did 

I assured Julie that it had a luxurious dinning room in side ...

I asked what more could we ask for .. Emma replied Ummm I don't know ... how about level floors ...
But all said the food was awesome, and I am sure we will be back .. Thank you Cody and all who donated toward the MAD money events .. The kids were so blessed .

Stopped to thank the cook on the way out 
 Then it was off to Orlofka where we met up with the kids from Podgorna to give out the Samaritains purse boxes .

I have reposted this because Maxim is still in need of a sponsor for his next round of treatments 

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