Friday, April 04, 2014

medical updates ..

It has been a very busy few days.  Lots of little things we are catching up on .  We had a large order of blankets for a group of sponsors, they turned out great.  So we picked them up from Aigulla  and brought them over to the guest apartment to store for a couple months until we return to Canada .  We have been asked to help with mattresses for a mountain kids camp this summer, so we will start on that project as money comes in .  We will need 100 mattresses and 100 blankets .. they will not need to be quite as warm as the winter ones , so they will likely be about $10 each average .. Any one interested in sponsoring a bed for the summer , and summers to come , this is a great opportunity.

We received a Rotary grant for the Baby Hospital ,  that arrived the day before we left Canada .  We have started working on the many parts of the grant.  We were out to the hospital yesterday with the man that will be replacing the exterior door to the ICU.  then went to the Bazaar to order the new computer , projector and screen that they will use for the teaching as this is a teaching hospital as well .. in fact this is the Nursing school that our Baktagul attends.    When they found out it was for the hospital and we were actually ready to buy, the owner of the store gave us a great deal so we will be able to get the screen and the computer bag for them as well.. I just love to see  how so many are catching the vision and becoming socially conscious.    

We have been doing more follow up on the medical treatments that were sponsored last November.  This group of 7 kids are all well under way .  some are finished and some have on going treatments.  One of the girls they found has a more serious difficulty that was found during her treatment .  She has a hole in her heart that has not closed up on its own , and could be serious .  The cost of the operation will likely be between $800 and $1000 .  We will know better next week , and I will share the story and how we can help then.  They were very eager to give us the full accounting of the medical care and the receipts.  Thank you everyone that sponsored these kids .. So much pain and suffering has been avoided, not to mention the hope for the future on the girl with the heat troubles .

A couple of the dreams that were sponsored were for three children with Caribal Palsy like our young friend Maxim below.

This need was covered back in November , but unfortunately these treatments are on going , approx. twice a year.  if all is well and a little more frequent if the child is having difficulties .   We just got a call from Larisa that Maxim needs to go back for his next treatment next week.  this is a month sooner then we had been expecting, so I am concerned for him.   Perhaps some of you have been thinking to wait until we are on the ground and see the emergency needs before sending in a donation. This may be that time .  If that's you, this would be a good time to make a donation .  

Today we are going to be going out to the seniors home with a group of students from Tokmok.  They go out regularly  to spend time with them and help out here they can .  They raise funds locally to make a difference, and we sponsor Isars bus to take them out.  Today they are getting new sheets, and laundry soap, hand soap, and a bit of food .  I find this so encouraging to see them develop such a desire to help.. what a great group of kids.   We join them after a couple hours and bring Vitamins to the seniors home.

In the afternoon we will be going to another village to help deliver Samaritans purse boxes to the kids in the village.  This is always a great time.  and is so meaningful to so many kids who have so little.

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