Monday, April 28, 2014

to the Car Bazaar , and many needs covered .

Yesterday we went to the Car Bazaar with Vlady to take a look at what cars are available and what the pries were .. so many cars and so much ciaos.  The car lot is about 1 square mile , and is bumper to bumper cars.    Vlady would like a small 4 wheel drive that is god on gas , but preferably diesel.  He does a lot of work in the mountains so the 4 wheel would be best.   We got a bit of sticker shock.  the cars in our price range are pretty beat up and not mechanically sound , but for $1500 more we could be into some very nice cars in excellent shape , in fact look almost brand new.   

Vlady will try to find a buyer for his old car, and and come up with a bit more money , and Jengish is checking all the papers and internet .   This will be a process .

When we got home, a couple of our young friends had been over and cleaned the out side windows for us .. involved climbing up and hanging from the bars, so I was happy for the help.

You may have noticed that Armics fundraising thermometer is down .. that need has been covered.. Bekah is on her way to the hospital now to pay for the last of his operation expenses .   As well, the CP treatment for the twins has been covered.  Larisa will come today to pick up those funds and follow through on that .  We have also contacted the Baby orphanage to let them know that we have sponsors to get the washing machine fixed .

I do have a new need that has come up.  This one is a fun one.  Sergey and Anya are working to get a mountain camp ready for summer camp for kids.  over the summer , hundreds of kids will get time at the camp.  the problem is that in the nights it gets rather cool and they do not have mattresses or blankets for them.  Aigulla can make the mattresses , but it will be about $1000 for enough for 100 kids.    If you would like to help with this , you can send me a note, or on the memo section of the on line payment you could just put Camp mattresses , and as funds come in we will put Aigulla to work.

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