Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Medical update , food drops, and a great way to support.

Yesterday we started the day with a trip to Dr Tatyana's to discuss the treatment for our young friend with the cancer in his leg.  Dr Tatyana shared that she can not understand why so many of these patients come to her, she is a heart Dr, yet people come from all over Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to see her for cancer .. they say its because they have heard how she has healed people..  she says "I am NOT GOD .. please stop telling people I will heal them "  but they continue to show up at her door.   Our latest friend had shown up desperate.  We have consulted with friends in the US as requested by Ermic,  after reviewing records, Dr Tatyana's thoughts have been confirmed that his Leg will have to be amputated.  We discussed the particulars with her , and Dr Tatyana will explain to him and also let him know that if he needs help with the operation or with getting the prosthetic we will help to find sponsors. For now we will wait and see what they will do .   *(before this post was finished, I heard back from Dr Tatyana that before removing his leg, they want an |MRI on his Lungs, his liver and some where else.. the cost will be $150 for all three.  I will bring the money over to her now .. and so it begins )

 The next stop was to the Baby Hospital with Emma running the gantlet trying to get in to see the the Dr to bring supplies for them .. In a couple weeks we will be building a waiting room here so that the families will have some where to wait rather then in the stair well .  

While there we went around to the ICU to check out the new exterior doors.  There is still an inner door to go as well .  Friday we will be picking up the change tables and the exam table.

After the hospital we went to the Bazaar to get food for food drops .  Flour , rice , pasta and apples were on the list today.  We met along the way to deliver Vitamins to Larisa to take out to the TB hospital and for some of the families that she works with .

The next stop was out to the dump where we brought food to 10 families today . It was a little warmer today then the last time we were there.  Both Julie and I noticed how good many of our friends were looking this trip.

We delivered to two more families, then put the car away for the day .   This is where we park the car at night .  it is a little compound just around the corner from our place.

Here is a really cool story that may interest some of you .    There are a couple puppies from   OvergaardMiniAustralianShepherds 
These puppies are sooo cute , but here is the great part.  The proceeds  from the sale of these puppies will be going to support the work that we are doing in Kyrgyzstan, as well as to help with the expenses to  bring the last of the Kyrgyz 65 home  ( children from Kyrgyzstan who have waited 6 years to be reunited with their forever families)  So if you are thinking of a new pet , why not check them out .    

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