Saturday, April 12, 2014

lots on the go

This week and part of next, Cody is busy helping Jenish with a movie that they are working on about a falconer .  This is such a great experience for Cody as they will be in the back country on the far side of Lake IsyKool for part of it .

Jenish with the Falcon 
View of the lake from the mountain 

Jenish getting the equipment ready 

Even my old Volga is getting in on the action. 

At first I was a little concerned about sending Cody off with Jengish, but then they have Hired  Vlady as an actor and the Volga driver, and also Isar will be driving the team .. so it should be a great experience for Cody .  

This week we had a fun day , in the morning Julie , Acel, Cody and kamalla walked to the Bauran Tower.. except they took a rong turn and over shot it .. they could see it, but the road just kept vering to the right and the farther they walked the farther away they ended up.. finaly Julie called and said " Come and get us   when I asked where she was she said " HERE.... JUST FIND US "  .. hahahaha.   after I picked them up we went fishing with Sergey and one of his boys .  We were invited by our friend who is the chief of the Emergency departement at the hospital.  He has several stocked ponds.   

Sergey shows off his first fish of the day 

Aurture caught the biggest fish of the day

We brought a couple home , with some steak we cooked beside the river, and the rest we brought over to Bacute orphanage for them for supper . 

Our group sure enjoyed it .

The next day we brought Vitamins to Red River orphanage, this will do them until we come back at the end of the summer .   

this  was Tiliks birthday , so we brought  hime an MP3 stick full of music.  As soon as the Movie shoot is over we will go back to the orphanage and have birthday partys for every one with a birthday in April

Yesterday Julie and Emma and I had dentist appointments . I had to have two teath pulled so I was not a happy camper, but while in the chair I got a call from Dr Tatyana .  She had just had a young man come to her scared and looking for help.  He has a tumor on his leg and did not know where to turn . 

24 years old with a wife and a baby .. we will be trying to help him 

Today I sent his scans to a friend in the US to get an idea of just what we are dealing with and what the course of treatment will be .  This will be a great help for us as we begin to navigate through the system here , and look for a Dr with an understanding of the best course of action .

We have also been working on a project at the hospital.  We have a lot of little things as well as one big one to do there .  Yesterday they installed the new door on the out side entrance to the ICU, and Monday they will do the inside door.    We have also picked up a laptop, and a power-point projector and screen  for the teaching part of the hospital.   Today I was out looking for clear  bins that we can use as treauge ( three tries and still can't figure out the spelling ) kits .  Next week we will begin Building the waiting room there as well as finish the extra supplies like a power stabilizer for the incubator, a new exam table , hand wash stations, and some new change tables. 

We have a sponsor for the shoes for the kids at Red river now, so as soon as the money makes it here we will bring them out to them .

We hope to start on the floor at the mens home in the next couple of weeks as well.. Lots to do ...

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