Thursday, April 17, 2014

Visit with friends

We were so happy to have special guests for super tonight.  It was great to have the LAMb team for a visit . 

Cody and Gengish are back from the mountains and the photo shoot.  What a great experience for Cody .. and guess what .. the volga made it there and back with out breaking down .

Armic has gone for more tests to make sure that the cancer is only in his leg before they start cutting .  Tatyana is working with him on that .. he is having 3 MRI's each one is costing $48 .. from there we will know what to do next .

So far, for the Baby hospital and medical collage we have the new doors installed, the computer, projector and screen , and we have all the clear plastic tubs for them to make triage kits ... 40  of them .  Tomorrow we are going to Bishkek to the dentist, then to a medical store to pick up an exam table and hand washing stations .

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