Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ermek update and Red River to the tower

Early yesterday morning we went into Bishkek to meet up with Ermek sister.  She seemed very out of place for the big city .  We gave them a bit more money for medical expenses.  She is going to get a list of future expenses before the Dr's see us or know that we are helping.  Then on Wednesday we will be back in the city and will go to the hospital and see them.  Once we confirm all the expenses including the prosthetic leg, we will  put out a special request for support , and I will keep every one posted about how we are doing .. my guess is that it will be around $1000 in total.  I would have liked to have the sponsorship firmly in first but the way this went down, it suddenly became an Emergency so we had to act fast. 

The variable we are facing right now is that they have found a small area on his lung that they think may be cancer, so we are not sure yet how much chemo and radiation  he will have to undergo.  His sister was looking rather shaky .. sort of in the way that if some one was to be extra nice to her she would burst into tears.  As we stood at the bus stop talking to her, I began to feel so sorry for her and how this was effecting her.  
 After lunch we made our way back to Red River to pick up a group of kids from the orphanage there to have another of Cody's MAD money outings .This is the group of kids that were so famished when we took them fishing in the fall. Yesterday we took them to the Buran tower and for a picnic.  This time we were ready for them .. Vlady had so much food .. he served ploff and fruit , the kids ate and ate, then he brought out the Duck shashleek ... they started heaping up their plates until the moment they realized there was more then even they could eat.. then started a wave of giggles and sighs of relief as they started to relax and just enjoy the food ...success .. thank you Vlady ... thank you everyone who donated to this Cody MAD money event.

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