Thursday, April 03, 2014

getting caught up on the blog

I will try to catch up a bit here. 

The flights in were great .. no real issues.  We sailed right through the airport in Bishkek with out a second glance.  9 large bags, almost all vitamins , and six smaller bags , and a wheel chair .  

We were back in Tokmok for about an hour, and we were out delivering food packs .. it is sort of serial  driving down some little back alleys and finding a young lady waiting  for food , and the expression on her face as she was fighting back the tears .. its hard to express what a blessing this is to so many .   

On Tuesday morning we headed into Bishkek early to go to the Ministry of Social Development.  . they had asked for baby clothes, and we had brought some beautiful clothes from Home for them .  A few more stops in Bishkek then lunch at Acels .  

Yesterday we delivered vitamins to the hospital, then over to the Baby hospital to go over the plans for a lot of work that we will be doing there this spring .  Then had lunch with Sergey and Anya.  After lunch Julie joined us with the camera so at this point I can show you some photos. 

The guys at the me3ns home were so happy to show us all the chairs reconditioned .

They did such a good job.  .. Next week we hope to start on the floor, then if we have any money left we will fix the table tops . 

At 4:00 we picked up Emma from University, and went to Bacute to celebrate three birthdays .. as well we brought them a fresh batch of vitamins 

At 6:00 we met up with Olga and delivered the wheel chair .  This will make it possible for the family to get around with the boy and in for treatments that he needs .  we had to do a couple small adjustments to the chair, but will wait until next week to do the final adjustments as he is afraid of the chair, and us , so we will  give him a  some time .   

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