Monday, January 03, 2011


I was excited that this year we were able to send $500 of the Christmas
pie in the face money to our friends in Osh that are working with the
new orphans and refugee families. I really don't know what I was
thinking , but when I see the photo's I realize that we have been just
a drop in the bucket compared to the needs ... but I know that for
those that were under that drop, it was a Christmas to remember . I
have been processing and ignoring it for a while, but I know that we
need to do more, but seeing the turn out here, I know that we have to
do more....If you want to help, please let me know....

When dealing with so many, you don't just start handing out presents,
or you will have a riot, so they had a big Christmas party and put on a
concert for them.. at the concert, the children were able to register
for a gift, then the gifts were given out over the next couple days

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