Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home again

We had a great time in DR. the weather was awesome, and the resort was more then we could have imagined. as soon as I track down the patch cord for the camera I will post some photos. Time to time we would hear people talking about the weather back in Canada .. -32 with lots of snow... gulp.. a couple times we found our selves saying .. do you think they will be ok.. well the wood is on the porch, and we just had the propane tanks filled so yes they should be fine... but then from there we go to "I wonder if Aigoola's family are warm enough , what about the orphanage , and the seniors.. are they warm enough..." it was around that same time that I got some update photos from Sergey and Anya... They have a friend from Norway that does a lot of work in KG.. On a recent visit, Sergey brought him to the seniors home, they saw how we have been struggling to put heat into the home section by section as the need arises and the numbers increase.. this year we are one step ahead as he arranged for the final section to be heated.. The next photo they sent was another reassuring one. They had just run out of coal at one of the orphanages. Through the Possibilities International sponsorships, we were able to move quickly and get the heat back on.

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