Friday, January 07, 2011

Coming to a town near you .

Over the years we have been so overwhelmed with the incredible support that we have received from all over North America. Many of you we have never met in person, but have become good friends through the cyber community. Before heading back to Kyrgyzstan in the beginning of March, we want to take some time and try to meet as many of our new friends and supporters as we can. We had such a wonderful trip to Utah and Colorado last month, and we realized the importance of doing what we could to share our experiences and build relationships.

On or around the 14th of Feb, we will be taking a driving tour through the North East US. We would like to set up about 4 or 5 locations that we can have open houses. This will give us a chance to share, as well as to raise some funds and awareness for some of the projects we are currently working on . The dates and locations are in the very early stages and are open to change right now, but here is what we are thinking ....

Take a look at the map... If you are on route and would like us to stop for a visit we would love to do so, as well we will post more information as it comes available about each of our stops... Maybe you would like to come out and meet up with some others who have a heart for Kyrgyzstan. At this point Sunday the 20th is open. If you are somewhere between Pennsylvania and Tennessee, and would like to have us speak at your Church, drop us a line as well. Over the next couple weeks, we will post more details as they are firmed up... We can't wait to see you soon.


Kami said...

John, I'll talk to my pastor and see if we can put you on the agenda for the 20th. :) We're in that would work for you. I'll be in touch.

Carrie DeLille said...

Oh my goodness!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I'm so far behind on reading blogs. Do you even have to ask? You ARE coming here and I'm guessing you could be welcome to speak at the little church we recently began attending. Just let us know when you will arrive!! Stay as long as you like! We'd be THRILLED AND HONORED!!