Monday, January 10, 2011

Kyrgyz Cuisine

We had friends over, so we took advantage of the chance to make some traditional Kyrgyz foods.
Bish bal Mak

We even made Borsolk


David and Jayne Schooler said...

great practice for Ohio...I will need your grocery list :)

TheHappyNeills said...

Can you send recipes???

Maria said...

WOW!! Do you think if we got the goods you could cook some traditional Kyrgyz food while you are here? I know it would be SO MUCH FUN for the kiddos!! (and the adults too!)

Julie and John Wright said...
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Julie and John Wright said...

I would love to!

It will be fun.
Bekah makes great Borsht, Emma makes Monti, and I make an awesome ploff and Bishbalmak.. and Julie makes sure we behave that we will get invited back .