Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Jengish's Kids

If you notice over on the side bar of the blog, one of the people that signed up to get a pie in the face was our friend Jengish. He has traveled with us and has been a great help to us in Kyrgyzstan, He knows many of the kids that are getting Christmas celebrations this year, but I know that is not where his heart is.. Jengish spends a lot of his time on the streets in the late evenings looking for the friends he helps out. He works with the homeless. As well, Jengish is the Kyrgyz director of a very successful rehabilitation center. he has close to 20 men under his care right now.. So we thought that it would be fitting if we could do a little something for Jengish's kids... many of these guys have grown up in orphanages, lived on the streets, and have even escaped slavery... but this Christmas, they sat down to a special dinner, and they knew that someone was thinking about them .

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