Saturday, January 15, 2011

Invalid home men recruted to help bring Christmas to seniors and Dump

This morning when I checked the mail I found an update from Larisa, and a not from Emma that Olga had called.. Larisa has been busy with Christmas and a few other projects we had for her... one was getting new sheets for all the men at the invalid home... This was compleated and actualy ended up on TV in Kyrgyzstan.. The letter from Larissa I will let you read for yourself.

We wish you happiness, good helth and love.
Thank you a lot for Christmas joy!
Larisa and Tania.

Our guys are making a beautiful sheets and talking with each other all the time about a Christmas party in seniors home in Kemin . It was their first time going out to celebrate Christmas somewhere else.

The seniors home.
So they found senior friends for themselves.

Christmas in the dump.

When we arrived to this place we saw how people were diging dump in search of food and clothes
When they saw us with Santa they started to approach to us.Noticeably their faces brightened up. They asked Santa if John is here with his family. Santa promised them that John and his family will get our place by the spring but he sent to you Christmas greetings , presents and a lot of good wishes for this coming new year.The celebration was excellent each of them had a hot meal that was plov with chicken. In their present bags there were candys, chocolates, cupcakes, cookies apples, oranges and bananas and ofcours warm words with the books that gives a hope.

Disabled men`s home.
In disabled men`s home still a lot of things to do. We prepared 200 bed sheets to sew and the workers want to sew them by themselves. Today one of their big needs was a sheet for their beds was absalutly nothing to make up their bed. Thank you very much for this gift!

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