Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hope for the future

Here we are .. The last day of the Christmas pie challenge. I have a busy day today, and will not be able to update totals until about 4:00 , but don't worry ..the pay pal button is still working just fine...
I was just talking to Altynai. We were planing the next in line now for a Christmas party. The university she attends is likely the best in Central Asia.. The kids are the most gifted and the brightest in the country.. What is fantastic about this University is that they have a heart. Many of the students are from very poor families, or from the orphanages.. That does not matter.. the school struggles to provide not just an education for them, but at times, room and board as well.
Really if you are ever looking to make a lasting impact on a Nation, this school is great soil, and they are always in need of people interested in providing scholarships for their students.
Any ways, we have found that there are some students that either live to fare away, or have no home to go to over Christmas... So Altynai will help us to put together a Christmas celebration for them. We are working on the final totals now, but my guess is that the next 20 or 30 kids sponsored will be from here... if there ever was a HOPE for the future of Kyrgyzstan.. it lyes with these kids ...

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