Friday, December 31, 2010

Another special day at the other end of the valley.

More great things happening at the other end of the Valley.. friends of
ours brought not just Christmas presents, but the whole party with them
for the kids in one of the orphanages for disabled kids. They made sure
no one was missed ... each child received a special gift and a
blanket.. They were so excited.. our friends said that they have never
seen these kids so happy as they were today... Thank you to everyone

bellow is the letter I received a few hours ago from our friends .

With the generosity of the blog we were able to provide 84 Plush pillow toys one for each bed-ridden child

254 plush blankets on for each child.

2 boxes of cookies for the bed ridden kids

70 treat bags with candy for the older kids.

A friend ours shipped 50 brand new ''Ty'' stuffed toys.

These were delivered to a crawling group

We sang for them and a few of the kids stole the show with reciting poems for us. Of course the event was not over until we dance around the Christmas tree.

They were so proud that they had a captive audience..........................It's almost certain that they will always remember today but, I'm willing to bet ..........we will too.

Again, Thank you John and to all of you who made this Christmas season one to remember.Thanks' for throwing a pie in my face for two years in row. :O)Hope to get ''pied'' next year.Hint ...Hint....Hint....:O)

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