Monday, December 13, 2010

Bekah's turn

Happy Birthday Bekah!

So I am a little late ... Bekah’s birthday was during the “Pie in the Face” Challenge, and for her birthday she has a special desire to help a young student where she was teaching. We had the pie Challenge on, so I would not let her post what she really wanted... She was a great sport, and even took a pie in the face, raising $500 but now she would like her moment in the light... and for a good reason.... What she wanted for her birthday this year was money to go to a student in Kyrgyzstan that has been saving for a laptop.

Samat & Bekah at the University

Samat is a student at the International University . Bekah got to know him when she was volunteering there this time when we were in Kyrgyzstan. Samat is a sophomore in the Information Technology program but he does not have a computer . Samat’s father died when he was young so his family did not have the money to buy one for him. So this last summer Samat went to Kazakhstan and found a job in the bazaar selling children’s clothes. He worked all summer and was able to save $400 to put towards a laptop.

Samat’s dream is to have a laptop, which is something he needs because of his program. $400 is great start, but to buy a laptop appropriate for his level of study he needs more.

Bekah would like help to make this happen. She has turned in her Birthday money, but would like to really bless him. We have talked to Jengish, and he is ready to bring Samat shopping as soon as we have enough to make it happen...

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