Sunday, December 12, 2010

Creating Memories

Have you ever stopped to realize the value of $5. Five bucks is something that in this day and age we take for granted so often. We were at a Christmas party today. It was a gathering of some very good friends, and it was decided that everyone should bring a $5 gift. We then played the gift exchange game.. Let me explain how it worked.. in order you get a present from under the tree, then you can open it or trade for someone else's that has already been opened ... As I sat there watching the variety of ...lets face it..."Cheep" gifts being opened, I could not help but focus my attention on the excitement and anticipation as gifts would come and go... it was a great time..
. but lets stop for a second and rewind... we are talking about a $5 gift...any one in that room .. from the retired couple to the college student..could purchase themselves with out a thought... yet for the moment , it was not about the gift.. it was about being with a group of friends and knowing that someone cared enough to invite you to be a part of it...
Now stop and think about a child who is alone and abandoned.. often many times.. with out the means to ever even dream of a $5 gift , let alone being invited to join the party... You see its more then the gift... by going to the homes or to the orphanages or taking a group of kids to a restaurant, we are acknowledging that they are special... one day they will grow up... with or with out good memories... I am so thankful to every one who has had a part in this challenge...

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