Saturday, June 12, 2010

Doing our part and leaving the rest !

Well the girls are packed and they are just putting the final touches on their documents .. We were just talking to them on Skype... I love the technology .. I don't know what I would do with out it.. it certainly has made it easier to get things together... Emma has been working on a folder for each of the girls.

They each have

  1. Citizen registry
  2. New passport
  3. Letter of invitation from us. and agreement to provide health insurance
  4. Copy of our passports
  5. Our proof of Citizenship
  6. Our proof of income tax statement ( T-4)
  7. Letter from our member of Parliament invitation
  8. Letter from their mayors office authenticating how we know them
  9. letter from there College and University showing intent to return in the fall
  10. letter from their employers agreeing to them coming to Canada
  11. Letter from a friend agreeing to help with their family responsibilities until they return
  12. return airline tickets
  13. adequate travel and Visa money

We have determined that the state of emergency curfew has been lifted, and a middle of the night trip to the airport has been arranged ... They have the 11 hour layover in Moscow they have lots of time to catch the next flight, and we have VIP service arranged for them when they reach Kiev . they will be met as they get off the plain to help them through all the passport control and customs, then deliver them personally to our friend waiting for them ... We have accommodations arranged and our friend will bring them to the Canadian Embassy on Tuesday morning...

and at that point... it's all out of our hands...

I don't like things out of out hands !

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