Friday, June 18, 2010

Cautiously Optimistic

I know that so many have been wondering and worrying about our girls . By now I had hoped that they would be settling in to some sort of routine here in Canada, and ready to begin a busy schedule of sharing and raising awareness for their country . It seems like now more then ever they have an important storey to tell, and now more then ever we need to be able to get back to Kyrgyzstan to assist with the humanitarian aid relief...
The storey that they want to tell is of the impact that the support of so many has made to those that they know. The reality that they want to share it that the current unrest is not just upsetting , but earth shattering to the vast majority of Kyrghyz... the un rest is isolated to a very small group in a very small region of their country... The question in every ones mind is "How could this have happened..?" Quite simply, I would say that it is a result of years of oppression, and years of destitute poverty, and the tole that those two things can take on a person..
When the girls reached the Embassy for there visa's on Thursday morning, they were turned down right away... the agent did not have to look past the cover application to see that they were Kyrgyz, and that was all it took... they were turned down... no review of their documentation, not interview... just simply turned down... Right away we have begun collecting letters of support for them, service clubs, business associations , churches, and private individuals , all sharing the importance of this visit from the girls.. We have contacted our member of Parliament. They had given an original letter of support, and were surprised of the decision... they have been wonderful, and have taken this mater further for us... Monday morning they will return to the Embassy armed with a dozen more pages of documents, and a cell phone with the number of a very highly placed government official that will try to shed some light on the situation if necessary. We are cautiously optimistic at this point. I try not to sound to positive... These girls have had such lives of disappointment , it is almost natural to them... it should not be that way, and some were they need to catch a break... They have a storey to tell


Unknown said...

If it would be of any help at all I will also write a letter of support from the perspective of meeting both girls and knowing the importance of your work esoecially in the baby houses. I am sure thereare 60 plus other parents who would also be right there ready to help.

Hilary Marquis said...

We are praying that it all works out and (selfishly) that we can meet the girls this summer :)