Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A day on the town!

The girls are safe and sound in Kiev.. in fact Ed tells me they are having the time of their lives . Today they are spending the day with Eds assistant, another wonderful young girl . They are touring the sites in Kiev. They will visit the cathedrals and the monuments ... I can just imagine the wonderment for a girl like Aiperi who had never dreamed of life outside her little village...
Tomorrow they head to the Canadian embassy to apply for their visa's... please remember them.
I was just talking to friends in Kyrgyzstan.. the friends that they work with in Osh and Jallabad were evacuated in the middle of the night last night, and they are safe in the north... they are thinking that in a few weeks things will be stable again and they will be able to return... the difficult thing now is to figure out how to deliver aid effectively. They are thinking that for the next few weeks it will be best to leave that to the big fish ..like the US and Russian military as well as UN and Red cross. They are sure that in a few weeks there will be a lot of opportunity to move back south and set up aid at that point.
We have been following the situation very closely from several different angles, and have been a bit frustrated that there is not more that we can do , but I think that our friends have the right idea... we just need to be ready and wait....

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