Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Corporate sponsors wanted

I was just looking on one of those sites that tells you the value of your blog for advertising purposes, and apparently actofkindness is actually worth something ... and that got me thinking .

If you notice the sign on the top right side of the blog... that spot is for rent. hahaha... No really why not consider a corporate sponsorship.. At this point, we can not rule out anything.... with in reason..

So here is the way it works... If you make a donation, and you are a business, send me your Logo to sunmasterjohn@aol.com and I will add your logo to a slide show that will appear in that spot for one year. Do it during match week, July 1st till the 7th and your donation will go twice as far, those donations will get 2 slides in the show.

Maybe you know a business that might be interested .. let them know...

I guess I should likely add this. , I do reserve the right to not place adds that may be offensive to others.

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