Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Did you know about this ?

Andrea & Michael’s family has been separated for nine months. She’s in Ghana with
their adopted twin boys, he’s at home with their son.
TERRIE began her adoption proceedings for her Liberian daughter Claudia three years ago. Despite adoption approvals, Claudia’s visa application was denied; however, Terrie won the appeal six months ago and still no communication or visa from Canadian High Commission. JENN & SETH began their proceedings seven years ago to adopt his four Ghanaian nieces. In 2005 they were awarded full adoption orders by the Ghanaian government. In five years the Canadian High Commission in Ghana has neither denied the girl’s visas nor uncovered fraud with respect to the application nor provided any reasons for the delay—much longer and the oldest of the girls will ‘age out’ of the system.

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