Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saying good buy to another friend !

This is Babushka Maria , we visited with her a couple weeks ago.. When we first started helping with the Seniors home, we brought her to live there... I would have an extra little visit with her every time I went .. I knew that If I got her aside, she will tell me about everything that took place when we were not there... What she reported back is that this is an incredibly loving and caring home... they feed them to much , change there beds too often and do everything for them.. she had no idea that there ever was such a place, she once told me... Her biggest concern was always that she could not pay them anything because she did not even have a pension, yet they treated her so well, and could I please give them a little money for her..not that they ever asked... they simply showed her unconditional love and grace.... Truly dignity was restored...
But as in everything else you have to know that of course there is a story about how we came to be friends... It was though our mutual friend Jengish... I have riposted a series of reports from Jengish from the last year as he struggled to care for her....

Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 3:51pm
So last week we found a lady in the homeless shelter. When we started talking to her, she told us that she is from Kazakstan. That she sold her house there to move to Kyrgyzstan. Her pension was not enough, and she decided to move to a bordering country that was cheaper to live in, which was Kyrgyzstan. Her first night here, someone attacked her, and took all her money that she had for buying a new house.

They beat her up. I mean, who does that?!! That's crazy. She is just a sweet little old lady.
Anyway, people called an ambulance. The doctors looked at her, and stated that was just in a major shock. So the ambulance took her to the homeless shelter, which is not really a homeless shelter at all. That place is horrid. Maybe you guys saw the photos. But that shelter is very depressing. The blankets are filthy, no bed, tons of crazy people hallucinating, throwing up, coughing and spraying the whole room with TB infected saliva. I mean, you get the picture, right? And there she was, little Babushka(Grandma) Maria, left in a mad house.

We spotted her a week ago. She was never drunk, always thankful for what we gave her. Poor lady looked like she was just waiting for death to come and take her...She didn't seem to see any other way of getting out of this situation.
My friend Nick was very sad (it was his first day at the shelter). He couldn't believe it. He cried.
So him and I decided that we were going to help her. Nick had some money at his disposal, not much, but enough to pay for a day in a cheap, I mean, very cheap hotel type looking thing by Osh market.

We paid the lady that worked there. Then we went bought some clothes for her.
Tomorrow we will go, and look at a house where we can rent a room. If it's good enough we'll pay for it for a month. After that? Hmmm... We'll do everything we can to get her documents back. I don't know how we will do it yet. We'll take her to the Kazakh embassy. I'll let you know how that goes.

Also, I have officially run out of money for the homeless. If you want to help out with homeless lady, please feel free. Participate in saving a granny's life.
What else, there were three more ladies at the shelter. I told them I would come back for them. But when, I don't know. I wish I could help them, but we'll see.I hope they don't catch TB there.
There is also a kid that was stabbed and his intestines are hanging out. He is homeless, and he hasn't gone to the doctors since it happened.It happened ages ago. He just decided to put his intestines in a medical rubber glove. I need to hunt him down and take him to the hospital.
Well, I gotta go now.
Tata for now,
Yours truly,

March 20 2010
So we pulled her out of the horrid dark place. But helping doesn't just stop there. So my friends, Nick, Tyler, Sergei and I have started letting people know about her, and raising money.

She is doing fine at the moment. Just resting. She has a little friend now that comes and hangs out with her. That's really nice because she is not lonely. Little cat comes and stays nights in her room. I don't really know where he came from, but I'm glad he hangs with her.
I told her that she should probably start walking more and kinda getting her strength back.
Sergei right now is trying to get her passport back. He has been going to the Kazakh embassy, and filling out paper work for her.
Nick is in Saints Petersburg, trying to find her son.
So things are happening in the right direction.
Once we get her passport we will drive her back to Kazakhstan where she has a place to live and would have a pension.
It costs a little more to get her documents, but we will not have to continually support her.
At the moment we have a little more than 130 dollars for her, and it usually costs about 200 dollars to get the documents, and another 100 dollars to get her back.
Well, I'll keep you posted.


Monday, August 3, 2009 at 1:12pm

So as some of you guys know I picked up an old homeless lady named Maria from a "Homeless Shelter" that was more of a barn where sick homeless people were left to die. When I saw her sitting there on that cold floor with no hope in her eyes, I was filled with sadness. I decided, I'm going to do something, anything to save this little grandma.

She looked like my little grandma that died a while ago. So I called up some friends. I asked around for money. We rented an appartment, and took her there. I mean, you can read my blog post and read more about it.

Anyway, long story short, we ended up taking her to the senior home that is in Orlovka. I wasn't able to take care of her. I couldn't be with her all the time since I have a lot of other people I need to take care of.

She had her cat with her, and she would talk to her cat, but really, she needed a real person to talk to. So, I called up John, and he suggested we take her to seniors place.

At first I didn't like the idea but, on the other hand I had no other choice. Grandma Maria fell on her way to the kitchen, and she hurt herself. She spent a whole night on the flour, till I came the next morning. Man, I felt horrible. I was too busy to take a good care of her.

So I took her to seniors place. And you know what guys, that's an awesome place. Staff is awesome. The place is run by this russian lady that is warm and caring. I love that place, and Grandma Maria does too seems like.

Her cat is staying with her, and everybody at the seniors place loves that cat as well.
Anyway, it's so nice to have a place like that. And I'm thankful that place exists. I'm going to visit grandma Maria this week, and will let you know how she is doing.

Truly yours,
April 21 2010

little grandma Maria that we saved from the homelessness died today. I didn't make to say goodbye. stupid volcano. I would have made it if it weren't for that volcano. I'm going to her funeral tomorrow. if you don't know her, She was an awesome little grandma

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This is a very moving account - may Babushka Maria rest in peace.