Thursday, August 31, 2023

More then one emotion at play !

I got an update from Tanya who is focusing on bringing a hole lot of joy to some seniors today. 

"John hello. Thank you so much from me and from all the elderly... I said you blessed them. They are very happy, they said hello to you, thank you for not forgetting. Grandpa was crying. He said that the first time he gets help.. said that the whole pension is spent on medicine and it is very difficult for old people to survive now"

Tears of Relief, tears of Joy , tears of Sorrow , tears of Pain, tears of Sadness. So many emotions can bring out the same response.  In the case of this grandfather , my guess there is more then one emotion in play here !   

Tanya also was able to get a bit more back to school shopping done today with her little helper at the bazar. 

I want to one more time thank everyone that responded to this back to school need.  

We have another few needs that we need to find some sponsors for . Update... These needs have been covered. Thank you. 

Ruslan from the farm had been having difficulty in school , mostly attitude I think , so he took an academic leave.  In that time he had several successes , like passing his drivers licence , and taking several cooking classes .. He has become active with our guests on the farm and has a hole new outlook . he has decided to go back to school and complete his tourism diploma .  for him we are looking for 26000 som for the next semester of his school and 8000 for school supplies ( $390 USD

We also have another Ruslan some of you may know, but many know is father better .  This is Isars son.  He is in his third year at a really good university.  His tuition if 40 000 som for the year .  ( $460 USD
this boy is a great kid and we would be so blessed if we could help him . 

Misha is a young man from the farm.  He had gotten really involved with the cooking and did a great job.  He has started working for other travel agencies cooking for their teams, a skill he learned on the farm .  A couple months ago his mother died , so he has been living with his grandmother to help her out.  Last week his grandmother past away.  Misha came to us for some help. He needed 10 000 som for the funeral expenses. ( $115 USD)  we were traveling at the time and this was time sensitive so we went ahead and paid it, but hoping that some one would like to help us with this .  Also please remember to Pray for Misha at this difficult time.  

Just a reminder,  If you are donating from the US, please remember to email me at ( or drop me a line on fb)  and let me know the amount and the purpose so that I can know how you would like the donation spent and so that I can update others so that we are not collecting more then requested for a specific need.  

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