Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Back to school supplies

 A few days ago I shared some of the needs we have coming up , like Coal and tuitions . Today I wanted to share some of the needs that go along with that . 

Tuitions   In the category of tuition , there are hundreds of poor families who's children may not be able to attend school simply because they can not afford a uniform or school supplies .  This is one of the easiest places for us to begin .  For about $20 we can provide a back pack full of all the school supplies a child will need, and get it into there hands .  we have three weeks to receive and transfer the funds and then distribute them , so not a lot of time for this one.   We were blessed to be invited to share this need at a local Vacation Bible School where the kids will be doing extra chores around their homes for a donation toward this need .. If you want in on the excitement and the blessing. I know we will have no problem finding the kids in need . 

Coal & Food hampers    Coal deliveries will start in

about a month.  Getting ready for that we have Chickens being grown for us at the teen challenge.  They are big meat birds , and way about 5 lbs each , and will cost $6 each .    We would like to raise $1200 to purchase 200 Chickens .. this helps the families we bring coal to, and it helps with the operating expenses for the teen Challenge centre .. its a win win  

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