Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Time with friends

It has been a busy weekend both here and in Kyrgyzstan .  Julie and I traveled to NY to spend some time with some great friends and huge supporters of the work in Kyrgyzstan . We got in on Saturday morning and that afternoon we had an Asian food fellowship.   Adam gave instruction as we made some awesome spring rolls .   It was so nice to see everyone after being away for so long. 

Sunday morning Julie and I shared at the church .  Again it was so great to see everyone again . They are always so welcoming and make us feel right at home . 

Tanya has been busy as well.  First she was able to get the funds for the operation for our young friend who needed help.  She will continue to follow up on his progress.   Tanya was also busy at the market where she brought the kids that we had shared the clothing need for.  They all were able to get the items that they needed as well as the back to school supplies .  This is such a big thing for them .  With out this help, they simply would not have been able to go to school this year . 

In the city , we continue to have regular weekly contact with our city kids at Breakfast club.  Those that receive a weekly living allowance from us must come to breakfast club .  If they can not make it that's ok, but they just won't get the support that week . This way we are able to continue to check in with them regularly, and not have to chase after them around the city . 


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