Thursday, August 17, 2023

Updating method of donating from the United States.

 You may have noticed the change on the donation bar on this blog.  Here is what is happening.

For those in the United States ,  We are moving away from the PayPal and going directly to the Makers Church giving platform . This will stream line the tax receipting and accounting,  and the good part is  it will reduce the cost of transferring funds as we will no longer have to pay the PayPal fees.  

The new button on the blog looks like this 

When you click on it you will be brought to this page at the Makers Church in Cincinnati .  They receive the funds and direct them on to the Canadian Charity LINK127 and issue a US tax receipt for us. 

Here you will put in the amount, and choose Acts of Kindness (Kyrgyzstan Missions ) from the drop down screen .

Next you have a choice of the frequency of your donation .. this is where you can set up for weekly , by weekly , or monthly giving . 

Then enter your name and email address and it will then prompt you through the payment method either direct from your bank account or with a debit or credit card.

The next step is an important one.  There may be a short time delay from when the donation is made until I receive the notification, as well It will not show me what the specific donation is intended for.  As you know many times we are requesting help for specific needs and I like to update others as soon as those needs are met so that we don't have several donations come in for the same need .  To be able to keep everyone updated , After making a donation, please email me at  and tell me amount donated and where you would like your donation directed. 

For those of you who are currently set up with a monthly PayPal donation, I will be contacting you directly with details about how to cancel the PayPal monthly giving and set up a new monthly giving through makers .  We will attempt to do this over the next billing cycle . 

We are so thankful for those at Makers Church who work hard to make it possible for us to be able to issue tax receipts in the US , and forward those on to our Canadian charity Link127 ... Keeping up with the ever changing banking rules and restrictions is not an easy thing , but we sure are blessed when we have so many working with us to make it possible .  

Blessing John & Julie and our hole Kyrgyzstan team. 

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