Saturday, August 12, 2023

Urgent need for Vlad and Alina's Son

Happy to share that this need has been met . Thank you .

I try to start off the posts with a happy storey , then at the end share some current needs .. But today I am going to start with a huge need, but one that someone could very quickly turn into a happy storey .  

Many of you know our friends and coworkers Vlad and Alina.  Their youngest son Mark is having troubles with his teeth. They have been diligent about this right from the start, but no mater what they do he is having more difficulty . It has reached the point were he is now starting to get sick from this and not able to eat with out pain.    

They had him to the dentist this week, and there is a lot of work that needs to be done, and because of his age and the fact that they will have to put him under for the long procedure, this is going to be very expensive.  

It is going to cost $710 USD to fix ($975 CDN) to do the work.  Teeth pain is the worst and now that it is effecting his health,  we need to act right away.  We have told them to go ahead and start the work, and we are trusting on God to bring a sponsor for this quickly. 

 Here is some good news , at least a story that makes my heart happy. 
Tanya had a visit today from one of the seniors that the team brought grocery shopping and out for dinner .  She was also the recipient of seeds from us in the spring.   Here is the note I got from Tanya 

Hello John. Now grandmother came brought me vegetables from
garden. These are the seeds that I gave her from you. She is very grateful. She say thank you very much ,& ,hello . She has been eating her vegetables from the garden all summer. She can't forget going to the cafe and shopping and people who were with her.  Blessings to all.

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