Monday, August 21, 2023

If my heart is breaking , I am sure Tanya's is too .

We have watched them grow up .  Hot summers , cold winters wet springs .. no mater the season, I know where we can find them . 
These are our little dumplings .  

For fifteen years now we have watched these kids grow up living on the fringe.  Larisa and her mom used to take them in for meals and advocate for them at school or wherever help was needed  .  Tanya has now taken up that torch .

When we sent Tanya money to purchase back to school supplies, she contacted me right away and was very appreciative, but was quick to point something out. 

With the hard economic times in Kyrgyzstan, fewer and fewer items of any value are making it to the dump.  The dumpsters are being more and more picked over by the poor and the homeless before it ever makes it to the dump.  

Tanya said that the supplies will be great , but first they need clothes so that they can even attend school .   So I told her to go ahead and get the supplies as that was what the designated giving was , but to send me a report of the most urgent situations ..   Tanya learned well from her mom .  The first child on the top of her list is our little Vera shown above .   Here is what she sent me 

" John hello . John could you help please for the kids from the dump . They are need clothes for the school. Vera needs : shoes, jacket, tights, skirt. Tanya"

She has about thirty more  kids that could use help with clothes but the the seven most urgent needs are above .. 

To get these seven kids everything that they need will be $500 USD.  What ever comes in we will do what we can , but if extra comes in we will work our way through the rest of her list .  Could you imagine if   $1700  came in and she was able to help them all.....

Maybe this would be a great time for those donating from the US to try out our new donation platform .. Information is in the link below .. just click on the picture to get started . 

Please remember to email me the donation amount and purpose so that I will be able to get the funds in motion.

If donating from Canada please continue to use the DONATE NOW button on the top right side of the blog . 

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