Friday, August 25, 2023

Urgent need

So you start with a little bag of school supplies , and that leads us to full back to school shopping band that opens the door fo so much more .. when you are out in the community you face so many needs ... My first thought is to ask Tanya to go home and stop looking for work.. but that's not what she does and that's not what we do.   Instead run h as long into it ...  Here is what Tanya writes ...

"John hello. John will be possible help for Alinas son . They are live in East village. Alina's son's jaw was broken. When he stood at the stop, he was waiting for the car to work a boy came to him and beat him. He had surgery .Now he lies at home .He can't work. He need medicines, injections and for road to Bishkek ,.visit the doctor . They need 15000 thousand. If will be possible help for this family...."

That works out to about $200 USD .. ( 275 cdn ) if anyone would like to help with this that would be great ..  just a reminder that if donating from the US please email of fb me to let me know the amount so I can get it to him right away and so I cam update others who may be considering . thank you so much for the help with this . 

Update .. this need has been covered thank you 


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