Sunday, November 28, 2021

What do you think ?

 I need to interrupt the Christmas Wish book  with an urgent need.. Here is the letter I just recieved from Tanya .

Hall John. Sorry that late write to you .. could you help us .. In Kyrgyzstan the 3 of Desember will be celebrate the day of disabled people...  I want to hold a celebration for men in a man's house. We were not allowed because Corona is problem . But just now  the director called me said that on December 4th I could come and have a celebration . I know this is late to ask but I do not want to miss this. 

Some of the men enjoying their time at the Kashar .. first time out in over a year 
I thought maybe buy sweet as gifts to make them enjoy... maybe one juice and one banana or chocolate... Could you help for 270 people ,for one person hundred for every man . 27000 + 1000 som is road = 28000 ...($350)

That comes to $1.29 a person to help shut in men at the men's home celebrate their disabilities . I would love to jump on this fast so she has time to shop and prepare .. but I would like to give her more then 1.29 a person .. what do you think ?

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