Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Food , heat, and more . all in a days work

Our friend Oleg is a real life Saint Nicolas, or that is how he is perceived this week as he is showing up at homes unexpectedly delivering   not just food but HOPE and JOY. The cost of one of these food hampers is $20 BUT the cost of "Reminding people that God has not forgotten them.....priceless "  Thank you Vera and Olga for all that you do to help us and the people of your community , and all of you who have been donating to food hampers so that these deliveries can happen.  

This we think will be the last load of coal to get through .  It was delivered bulk to a small mountain village where our friend will over see distribution to shepard families in need .   If more funds come in we would like to get back up there in a couple weeks to bring them some food hampers as well . 

An Update on Ravil and his car fund .  We have just $3100 to go to make the purchase a reality .. at this point the funds are coming in a little faster then the price of cars is going up so that's great .  we would love it if this could be covered in the next few weeks. 

$3100 to go 


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